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Gardening Inside: Preserving with Food in Jars

Valynda MayesComment
Gardening Inside: Preserving with Food in Jars

It’s winter, but it’s citrus season! I’m doing the Food in Jars Mastery Challenge, a fun way to encourage preserving each month.

I keep homemade preserved lemons in my fridge at most times, but I wanted to try this small-batch quick version with Meyer lemons from Mourad’s New Moroccan. Like chef Mourad, I prefer regular lemons for preserved lemons, but occasionally you do want something sweeter. You just slice, salt, wrap, and place in the freezer overnight, then rinse the salt and add olive oil.

These won’t last long, so I put half on a pizza:


The rest will go into stews or grain salads like these preserved limes. That is a new one for me, but I had a glut of organic limes so figured I’d give it a shot.

The yellow triangle is a piece of pomelo, which was left over from my next project. I used it here to weigh down the lime pieces. As long as the pieces are covered in juice, mold will not grow.

I zested the pomelo and added that and meyer lemon zest to some pink salt for a fancy drink rim {tequila, preferably reposado, with grapefruit soda}. I’ll grind it a bit more before using.


Here is the pomelo, they are like a huge grapefruit and most commonly used in spicy southeast Asian salads with herbs, chilies, and fish sauce.


Now I am enthused about preserving and citrus and hope to get in a marmalade and use up some stockpiled frozen bergamot zest and juice for a curd. I try to obtain some kind of specialty citrus once a year just for kicks. I keep makrut limes in the freezer for curry paste and have a tree for the leaves—it has not bloomed yet, but maybe this will be the year. My latest obsession is yuzu. I froze the zest and juice for use in Japanese dishes like ponzu sauce. The zest is great mixed into miso, a tip I learned from Nancy Singelton Hachisu. It will also be used in next month’s challenge, fermentation!