What's happening in Dinkydo garden?

Well, spring zipped by as usual. A rainy day gives me time to reflect.

The overwintered fava beans did great--I love the flowers! I have one little harvest already and am hoping it will keep producing until summer heat kicks in. We love to grill the pods whole.

Another overwintering success was this broccoli. This cold weather means it might just reach a respectable size before bolting, though those flower clusters are looking pretty large already now that I see them up-close. This variety, either Piracicaba or Di Ciccio, is bred to produce side shoots, so we should get a good harvest either way. I've been battling aphids, which also overwintered, on my kale--a good spray of water seems to temporarily knock them back. 

I'm looking forward to making some rhubarb desserts. The variety that does better in this area has stems that are more green than red, but rhubarb is best when mixed with strawberries and raspberries anyway.

Soon I'll be picking lettuce, peas and pea shoots, garlic scales, and a smattering of greens,  roots, and herbs.

The flower garden is still a work in progress--so much rearranging to do, and I need to divide the floppy irises.

The native honeysuckle is ready for hummingbirds!