April Wildflower Walk: Turkey Run

A walk in one of my favorite places was the perfect antidote to a long flight and a nice welcome to spring (fo reals this time). Here are some of the common spring ephemerals you can see in local woods: Dutchman's breeches, toothwort, trout lily, bluebells, swamp cabbage, mayapple (the swirly emerging one), bloodroot, and a couple unknowns (my skills are rusty). I'll have to get back soon to see Trilliums. 

This time of year makes me excited to plant, of course, but especially for local native plant sales. I'll miss my favorite sale this year, but many of the plants I have purchased there have thrived in my garden. One of my favorites is bloodroot. The bloom time is short--they are called ephemeral after all--but the cool wavy leaves make up for it!

Check back soon, my little patch of bluebells will be in bloom, plus native Anemone, Geranium, and many others. Happy Spring!