Bloom Day June 2016

Better late than never, as usual. See what's blooming all over the country and beyond at May Dreams Gardens.

First, the vegetable garden, where flowering leeks, cilantro, parsley, arugula, bok choy, and an amazing stand of celery are attracting lots of beneficial insects. Marigolds add some extra color.

The native plant garden is in its sedate stage--the early spring ephemerals have finished, but the Heuchera and bottlebrush buckeye have not bloomed yet. The oak leaved Hydrangea is putting on a show though--despite rabbit herbivory (hence the fence). 

The flower garden is a total mess. I will likely spend the rest of the growing season/my life rearranging things and pulling Ageratum. The Lauren's grape poppies are my favorite. The Echinacea has also taken a beating from the rabbits. 

The Magnolia is scenting the entire yard and providing some much-needed privacy--money well spent! happy summer!