Vole Madness

Field mice, aka voles, have been a constant presence in our yard. They mostly seemed to hang out near the compost pile, and I figured better there than in the garden. I was not seeing an epidemic of rootless, dying plants. So, there has been little reason to attack them--after all, all they have to do to escape is run under the fence. Cats, hawks, and foxes have always managed to keep them in check. This year has been different. Every time we venture outside, we see them scurrying. As a nearly 30-year vegetarian, I am loathe to handle mouse traps. Neither is Mr. Do. We may have to reconsider, but for now I am trying a repellent--so look out, neighbors!

Progress report: So far, there has been a slight reduction in vole activity in the treated areas. This stuff does absolutely nothing to repel rabbits, though--right after applying it (and watering as directed), I saw a rabbit right on top of a treated area!