Spring De-awakening

What was an early spring was fleeting, and winter temps are back--giving me time to think about what I am going to do in the garden this year as well as assess the things I like just as they are. That mostly applies to the native plant garden, which from a combination of luck, experience, and planning came out even better than I anticipated. In the not-so-positive category is my photography skill, but that is to be expected without some effort. Maybe the garden just does not photograph well, but I am sure enjoying the effect even when not in close up. The best part is that the plants are thriving--even the ramp plant I grew from root trimmings of some ramps I ate (last image)!

Another positive is the vegetable garden, where I am determined to win my war with rabbits by enclosing the entire area with rabbit wire. I still see the huge rabbit daily--it must be a few years old. It contentedly munches clover and plantain in the lawn, and I think it will do just fine without my okra, bean, and pepper seedlings.

In the needs work category is the rear flower garden, but some reorganization will fix that. 

Happy gardening!

Gloomy Bloom Day

It's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, when I am reminded in early spring that I really need to plant more bulbs--Galanthus to be exact. In my new frugal outlook on the garden, I could also just spread around some of the daffodil and Fritillaria I already have. I'll probably do both.

First, the cute mourning dove nesting in my native honeysuckle. Then, it's slim pickings: some mini-daffodils, Hellebore, blood root (almost!), and the Betty Magnolia--which is supposed to bloom in May. Looking back at my past posts, I see it has bloomed in March before but never this fully this early. Looking back at old bloom days makes me so excited for the spring to come--despite the muddy mess out there now!