Rainy Day to-do list

Now that my vacation is over, I can stop researching restaurants and focus on the food I am trying to grow. It's hard to be away from a garden this big for 10 days (ugh, the weeding)! The rainy cool weather is great for the peas and fava beans, the strawberries are almost done (about 5 pounds, including a couple of pounds left in the fridge by a wonderful cat sitter!), and the radishes and turnips are forming nicely (probably my best root vegetable crop to date). It worked out well to hold off on planting squash and beans since the weather has been so cool--that will give me time to plan where to plant. Fingers crossed for a sunny weekend so some of these tasks can begin. And rabbit fence, don't forget finishing the rabbit fence.

Additions to the native shade plant garden

I try to attend the Northern Alexandria native plant sale every year. There is not much room left in the garden for shrubs or other large perennials, but there is room to tuck in some ephemeral spring bloomers. This spring, I finally got a jack-in-the-pulpit. The purple cultivar brings out the dark/burgundy notes on the Tiarella (blooming blurrily in the background), the "Henry's Garnet" Itea, the red-twigged dogwood (also purchased at the same plant sale, but years ago), the sweet shrub, and the other new plant (below), Asarum aka wild ginger. Check out its otherworldly flowers.